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Seated Stretches for Seniors

Maintaining mobility later in life can be quite difficult due to the array of changes our bodies undergo as we age.  So, seated stretches can have many benefits.

Through proper care and exercise, we can strengthen our muscles and joints to help mitigate the changes and keep our bodies strong and flexible. 

In addition to improving flexibility and mobility, stretching can help delay the onset of diseases such as diabetes and arthritis- even improve mental health. 

For the more active seniors out there who routinely exercise I recommend performing stretching at the end of activity while your muscles are still warm and loose. Just ensure you have a good warm-up prior to starting exercise. 

For the less mobile seniors out there, stretching can literally be performed any time of day, the more often the better.

(Note- stretches are not a warm-up! A good 5 min walk will help to loosen and warm the muscles prior to stretching) 

Below are examples of simple stretches that can be performed from a seated position. All stretches should be held for 30-45 seconds, ease off very slightly from the stretch, take a deep breath and on the exhale of the breath take the stretch a little further. (Repeat 2/3 times)

You should never feel pain when stretching, if you do then ease off a bit- if pain persists stop and reattempt in a couple of days.  If you still have concerns get in contact.  

Seated stretches for seniors/stretching