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What happens with baby Osteopathy

Here at HTC we offer a warm and friendly clinical setting, welcoming people of all ages. Our two therapists both have paediatric osteopathy experience but also treat adults, meaning mum and baby can be treated together.

At the initial consultation, which may take up to an hour, a thorough case history will be taken where you’ll be asked questions about the pregnancy and labour, past medical history and how baby has adapted in the first several weeks of life. We can address any concerns you may have, however typically we take a holistic approach as the cause of an issue i.e. reflux, doesn’t always just originate in the tummy!

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Often, if baby is happy we’ll treat them on the treatment couch nested in pillows for support. If for any reason baby gets upset or fussy we’ll get mum/ dad to hold and comfort them whilst we treat; a lot of the time we treat whilst baby is feeding at their most relaxed.

We’ll often start by gently checking baby’s reflexes and generally having a feel through the joints and soft tissues, and treat what we find as we go along; discussing with mum/dad along the way.

The techniques used are much more gentle than techniques typically used on adults, as a baby’s skeleton is a lot softer than adults. Mostly non-manipulative techniques are used including gentle soft tissue pressure, joint mobilisation by gentle stretching, and cranial osteopathy.

Cranial Osteopathy works to release stresses and pressures within baby’s head and body which would have manifested from labour, it works with the small fluctuations (almost like a pulse) within baby’s body which to an Osteopath presents as an expansion and contraction movement. It typically aims to restore balance in order for the body systems to work theirs most effectively.

After treatment, it is very common for baby to be either very sleepy and settled for the rest of the day, or vice versa they may be a little fussier for the rest of the day. Both reactions are very normal because changes in the body have been triggered, so it takes a little while for baby to recover. This reaction will not typically last longer than 48 hours.

You will often be sent away with some homework to help baby at home, dependent on what baby was suffering from most.