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Ultrasound scanning at HTC

Ultrasound Scanning - Diagnostic Imaging at HTC

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We are pleased to be offering a private Ultrasound Scanning (Diagnostic Imaging)  service here at HTC.  

All Ultrasound scans are carried out by our Consultant Radiologist, Dr. Praveen Bilagi.

Ultrasound scans use soundwaves to take images of muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as certain organs, tissue and blood flow inside of the body to help diagnose or monitor medical conditions.

An ultrasound probe, which is a small handheld device is used to perform this scan, emitting high-frequency sound waves.

The scan can detect problems in your body’s internal organs such as liver, heart and kidneys and is used to identify the causes of pain, swelling and infection.

Please see below for a more comprehensive list of scanning possibilities, and what may not be scanned using Ultrasound equipment.

Please Note:

Should your particular condition require other / alternative imaging techniques, such as MRi or X-Ray, then our practitioners here at HTC retain imaging referring rights for these types of diagnostic imaging procedures. 

Speak to one of our senior practitioners for more advice.

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HTC - Ultrasound - chest
HTC - Ultrasound - Knee

types of Ultrasound scans offered at HTC - what we can scan for you

  • Joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons or fascias of the Upper limb (shoulder to fingers) & Lower limb (Hip to toes).
  • Head & Neck (not brain scans).
  • Thyroid & Carotid.
  • Abdominal & Pelvic organs including – Liver – Gallbladder – Pancreas – Spleen – Both Kidneys – Bladder.
  • Abdominal Aortic aneurysm screening
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) screening scans.
  • Arterial Doppler scans.
  • Any Lumps and bumps throughout the body.
  • Sorry, but we are currently unable to carry out women’s health scans such as breast or gynaecological. This service will be developed within the near future.


  • On arrival at our reception you will be asked to complete a consent form for your scan.
  • Our nurse chaperone will collect you from reception, check your personal details & also confirm the areas of your body that are to be scanned.
  • You may take 1 additional person with you into the scan room if you so wish (please note that minors or adults considered as vulnerable must be accompanied by a parent / guardian).
  • Our Consultant Radiologist will request that you take the appropriate position (i.e. lying on your back, on your side or sitting) for the scan.
  • Your scan will be initiated & our Radiologist will provide verbal feedback on any findings of the scan.
  • If you wish you will be able to see your scan as it is carried out on a large screen.
  • Once completed our nurse chaperone will guide you back to reception.
  • A medical imaging report related to your scan will be provided within 3 days of your scan.
  • Our reception team will confirm whether you wish for the scan report to be sent to a specific destination.
  • Please note that all reports will automatically be sent to your GP & / or referring Consultant or Health Professional unless you specify otherwise.

Prices – Ultrasound Scanning Services

 Prices vary depending on the number of area(s) requested to be scanned:

  • 1 Part Scan (1 body area)     = £ 220.00
  • 2 Part Scan (2 body areas)  =  £ 325.00
  • 3 Part Scan (3+ body areas) = £ 380.00

If you are unsure of your scan requirements then please feel free to contact the practice for clarification of the scan required and related cost(s) on 01634 393113.

The service offered is a private ultrasound service and as such no GP referral is needed.  

However, we can accept GP or Consultant issued referrals.

Our service does not currently provide activity for the NHS.