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Mindfulness & Wellbeing at HTC


You do not need to be suffering from stress or anxiety to benefit from this therapy. All ages, backgrounds, health conditions, or lifestyles will benefit from mindfulness

Consultations involve understanding you, your personal needs, and the challenges you are faced with in day to day life.

Learning how to use breathing techniques supported by good posture through focusing and meditation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

Scanning the body through simple, basic meditation practice helps to identify areas of tension, pain, and discomfort.

This can lead to useful identification of longer-term stress, damage, or injury to the body. This practice is therefore a preventative as also a curative process.  

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Wellbeing encompasses the condition of mind and body. 

Nutrition and its effects on these are an important focal point that our service addresses with you.

Feel better through movement and feel healthier through fitness.

In conjunction with our Physiotherapists and Sports Science team, your Wellbeing Instructor will lead you to a better place within yourself.

Packages are catered for all physical levels and aspirations

Tailored exercise plans to suit your needs with realistic and motivating targets supported by a qualified and experienced therapist.

Support = Caring

Experience = Expertise

  • Mindfulness reduces stress by eliminating anxiety or depression when we feel overwhelmed.
  • Mindfulness may aid recovery from illness and can help us to deal with both acute and chronic pain as well as disease.
  • Mindfulness may also assist in coping with post-operative stress and both psychological plus physical recovery.
  • Mindfulness may support behavioural attitude towards physical training (e.g. sports targets or even just weight loss/health improvements ).

To find out more or to book an initial consultation please get in contact.