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Sports Injury & Therapy

Sports Injury Treatment and Prevention

Our sports injury treatment and prevention clinic is supported by extensive years of experience in the highest level sports from professional football and ice hockey to boxing and dancing.

Appointments are generally rapidly available and even when we are busy we will endeavour to accommodate your urgent assessment requirements.

Our range of therapy modalities incorporate tried and tested treatments and also advancing methods such as shockwave therapy.

Together we will not only target injury recovery but promote recurrence prevention methods with solid advice, training guidance, and reintroduction.

Imaging referrals are available when clinically appropriate.

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Fitness Advice and Training Plan Provision

Whether specific sport-oriented, gym-based, home exerciser, dance enthused, or just looking to shed those unwanted curves… Whether rank beginner or looking to achieve that next level in your sporting passion with zeal then our team can assist.

Our training guidance or training plan service will provide the orientation for you with targeted milestones and a step by step guide.

Training plan appointments afford an initial consultation with objectives appraisal and realistic analysis of what can be achieved.

Our team can inter-refer so should you be interested in the whole mind, training, and nutrition approach then please come see our Mindfulness & Wellbeing Therapist