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Dr. Penman

Dr. David Penman is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Fetal Medicine Specialist with over 25 years of experience. He offers a range of baby scanning services at Hempstead Therapy Centre.

He trained at St Thomas’ Hospital, London before doing his fetal medicine specialty training in Bristol. He moved to Kent in 1997 where he took up a consultant post. He holds his baby scanning clinic purely at Hempstead Therapy Centre in Gillingham and his gynaecology clinical practice  at both Hempstead Therapy Centre and The Spire Alexandra Hospital, in Walderslade, Kent.

Dr. Penman’s practice, Fetal Medicine UK, is fully registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) ensuring that you receive the best possible care and service.


Dr. Penman’s 25+ years experience allows him to offer a range of private baby scans from 6 weeks of pregnancy. He specialises in prenatal screening and diagnosis of fetal abnormalities, amniocentesis, and CVS. He also performs the latest non-invasive prenatal testing – the Harmony test.

Dr. Penman provides a compassionate, safe environment at Hempstead Therapy Centre for you to discuss any concerns relating to your pregnancy and baby. He offers a complete scan service from 6 weeks of pregnancy all the way to near your due date. 3D and 4D scans are also possible (with 4D possible from 10 weeks). 


Dr. Penman is very happy to be offering his baby scan Medway clinic and allows husband/partner/scan buddy to accompany you (3 guests with the patient) Children are allowed, under 5’s must be accompanied by an adult and must sit with the adult throughout the scan.

 We do not scan under 18s, sorry.


Fetal Medicine UK offers a range of private gynaecology consultation appointments both here at Hempstead Therapy Centre as also at The Spire Alexandra Hospital in Walderslade, Kent. All appointments are carried out by Dr. Penman, a Consultant Gynaecologist, and Fetal Medicine Specialist.

His expertise & extensive experience allows him to offer a range of private gynaecology investigations and treatments. Dr. Penman specialises in diagnosis and treatment of heavy/irregular periods and infertility. Dr. Penman provides a compassionate, safe environment for you to discuss any concerns relating to your health.

If you are suffering from, or are concerned about any gynaecological conditions, we can help. If you are not sure of the service you need, then a general gynaecology appointment will allow Dr. Penman to identify the condition you are suffering from and the best course of treatment you need.

Please be aware that should Dr. Penman, at your initial Consultation here at Hempstead Therapy Centre,  recommend certain specific procedures then your care may be required to be transferred to his surgical clinic based at The Spire Alexandra Hospital.


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HTC - Baby Scans - Pregnant woman
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Baby Scanning Service by Dr Penman, Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist

Reassurance Scan (6 – 10 weeks)

  • 3D and 4D usually possible for the below scans – 

Nuchal Scan with Early Gender (11+1 – 13+6 weeks)

Early Growth with Gender Scan (14 – 19 weeks)

Anomaly Scan (20 – 24 weeks)

Late Growth / Wellbeing Scan (24 – 35 weeks)

Dr Penman also offers a post-miscarriage scan called the Rainbow Scan. This scan is to confirm a miscarriage, ensure recovery from a miscarriage and, if you wish, help you plan the next steps to conceiving again.

Fetal Medicine UK is fully registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) ensuring you receive the very best care and service.  

What's included with each baby scan?

  • a medical report of the scan for your records
  • a CD of baby scan images 
  • a DVD of moving 4D scan images (*from 10 weeks)
  • a safe, inclusive environment
  • longer appointment times 
  • high-quality, professional care from Dr. Penman, Consultant Fetal Medicine Specialist
For more information contact us or visit Dr. Penman’s website