hempstead valley therapy centre

Our Range of Services

At Hempstead Therapy Centre we offer a comprehensive range of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy services along with numerous other supporting services.

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Musculo-Skeletal Services

Supporting Services

HTC Services Physiotherapy
General MSK Physiotherapy
HTC Services Osteopathy
General Osteopathy
Consultant Gynaecologist
HTC - Baby Scans Icon
Baby Scans (with our Fetal Medicine Consultant Specialist)
HTC Services Specialised Spinal Therapy
Specialised Spinal Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy
Ultrasound Icon (2)
Diagnostic Ultrasound Scans for Skeletal Conditions, Lumps & Bumps (& Specific Internal Organs)
HTC - Services - Nutritionist Icon
HTC Services Sports Physiotherapy
Sports Physiotherapy
HTC Services Child/Infant Osteopathy
Child/Infant Osteopathy
HTC Services Chiropody
HTC - Vitamin B12 icon
Vitamin B12 Injections
HTC Services Women's Health Osteopathy
Women's Health Osteopathy
Osteopathic Lymphatic Clearance Therapy
Tympahealth Ear Microsuction - Icon (5)
TympaHealth Ear Microsuction
HTC - Services - Exercise Classes (2)
Exercise Classes
HTC Services Acupuncture/Dry Needling
Acupuncture/Dry Needling
HTC Services Podiatry Services
Shoe Inserts & Orthotics Service
HTC Services Reflexology
Reflexology (Facial, Feet, Hands or Lymphatic)
HTC - Indian Head Massage Icon (4)
Indian Head Massage
HTC Services Shockwave (ESWT) Therapy
Shockwave (ESWT) Therapy
HTC Services Post-Operative Rehabilitation
Post-Operative Rehabilitation
HTC Services Mindfulness & Wellbeing
Mindfulness & Wellbeing
Health Screening at HTC
Health Screening
Sports & Rehabilitation Therapy
HTC Services Classic & Sports Massage
Classic & Sports Massage