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Diabetic Footcare

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Diabetes is a lifelong condition that can cause foot problems. Some of these problems occur because the nerves & blood vessels supplying the feet are damaged, this can affect

1.. the feeling in the feet ( peripheral neuropathy)

2.. the circulation in the feet ( peripheral vascular disease or ischaemia )

These changes can be very gradual and may go unnoticed, which is why is it important that feet are checked regularly.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Where an area of skin on your foot has broken down and the tissue underneath is exposed. Is termed diabetic foot ulceration.  In some people with diabetes, this can happen after only a minor injury as the skin does not heal well.

It is vitally important that the diabetic foot is checked daily and close attention is paid to any of the following signs, which can all be indicators of ulceration or infection in the foot.

New pain or throbbing in the foot

Does the foot feel hotter than usual

Are there any new areas of redness or swelling

Is there any discharge

Is there a smell

Also, consider if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms

HTC - Blog - Care of diabetic feet