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Meet Stephanie – Hear her Wellness Story

If memory serves me well, it was around June 2016 that I was called into a room at work to be told that my job was moving to Birmingham.

I didn’t see that one coming.

I had been in banking this time for 17 years working in senior management and leadership roles since 2010. Opportunity, high performance, and a reputation for being great at inspiring people led me to places I hadn’t even dreamed of. My career took me to India, Brazil, Vietnam, as well as the length and breadth of the UK. If I’m honest, I used to wonder if I would retire in banking. If I’m honest I always thought I would, but quietly hoped I wouldn’t.

Banking was really all I knew. I started my career life as a cashier at 25 and worked my way up the ranks striving for a promotion at every opportunity. When I look back now, it was exhausting. At 29 I achieved my first managerial appointment; it was from that moment that my life changed.

The highs were high which inevitably meant that the lows would be low. From top performer to ‘needs improvement’ and from opportunities, I relished to roles that I just couldn’t thrive in.

Life now is very different.

Leaving banking behind led me to some serious soul searching. I could have so easily slipped into a similar career back in banking, but this was the one time, a fresh chance to do something that would give me a very personal purpose in life. I knew I was fantastic with people, that I had a talent for developing others and engaging them to be the best version of themselves but how I channeled energy in my new life ‘post-bank’ was of personal importance.

I have experienced stress and suffering in my career and personally, so a key driver for me was helping others to take better care of themselves. I knew that having an abundance of experience, anecdotes and personal truths to share in both a personal and business context meant that I could connect with a wide audience and that before me was an opportunity to promote, educate and engage others on wellness.

It was then that ‘Infinity Wellness Project’ evolved. A company that focuses on human wellness, mind, body, nutrition.

The foundations of my work are solidly rooted in the teachings of mindfulness. I came to Mindfulness in 2016, without it, I feel sure that my transition from banking to self-employed wellness consulting wouldn’t have happened.

Stephanie 2

Mindfulness practice, tools, and techniques have equipped me to move through these changes in my life with a little more ease, patience, and wisdom but importantly with less suffering. My life has been richer since and has a deeper purpose and meaning. I strive less and allow my life to unfold in front of me without grasping or chasing goals all the time.

Oh, I have my moments but when I do, I always come back to mindfulness as I know it’s the one constant in my life that keeps me grounded, reduces my stress, and helps me to stay focused.

Now, as a Wellness Professional, I spend much of my time teaching Mindfulness, helping people become more active, or supporting people to build a healthy relationship with food and drink. I work with individuals, couples, families, groups, small businesses, and large corporates and I do my work all over the UK (and Europe) either face to face or via Video Call.

In 4 short years, I have built a business and a strong personal reputation in the professional wellness space. The diversity of my qualifications, experience, and my holistic approach to wellness has led to contracts with Mindfulness UK and MindfulnessUK@Work & Siemens; Magnox UK, ITV, and Chambers of Commerce (to name a few).

Infinity Wellness Project is growing, as am I.

My 3 starter tips for wellness in 2020,…. Mind, Body, Nutrition.

  1. Mind – Self-soothing: If you feel a little low, a little sad, or emotional maybe take to some self-soothing.

  2. Try this: A self-hug. Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a little hug. This tender approach towards ourselves can help soothe and soften our emotions, release endorphins (a feel-good chemical) and calm the nervous system.

  3. Nutrition – Eat your greens: Green leafy veggies are high in protein and packed with vitamins A, C, and K. Eating a portion of greens a day well helps promote a healthy body and heart.

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Body – Being outdoors: Where you can, wrap up warm or down, and venture outside. Being out in the fresh air boosts metabolism, reduces stress and brings calmness to mind and body.