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Fungal Nail Infections

A fungal infection of the nail is referred to as onychomycosis in medical terms.

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It generally only affects toenails. Fungal bacteria can enter the nail at the edges and gradually make their way towards the middle of the nail. It is usual to observe a yellowish/brownish discolouration of the nail and the texture of the nail will change to a brittle state, possibly leading to segments of the nail falling away. The skin surrounding the nail can also become swollen and painful.

Anti-fungal medicaments can be obtained and these can be topically administered to the toenail, or taken as a tablet. A nail softening cream can be used to bring back a suppleness to the nail in order for the infection to be disposed of by scraping it away. For more extreme circumstances, the nail will need to be removed under a local anaesthetic. Wearing clean socks, washing/drying feet every day, and wearing flip flops in communal showering and changing areas can help to reduce fungal nail infections.